The Life and Times of a Mad Historian

Deus ex Machina Cthulhu Est

2 February 1979
This Bio is for my SCA persona. This should not be confused with the actual journal author: this is only an alternate identity used during historical re-enacting.

Name: Miriam Coynrane
Birthdate: Undecieded
Birthplace: Coynrane (now Shinrone), Ireland
Maritial Status: Married, no children
Social Status: Lady in Waiting to the wife of a middle-class(ish) English knight
Occupation: Seamstress, cook, part-tutor, copyist (whatever my lady requires of me)
Family: None living

I am currently traveling with my husband and our knight's household throughout Europe, seeking fame and fortune (mostly fortune) through raiding enemies of the English throne. I am primarily responsible for maintaining, repairing, and creating wardrobe for the household; but I also cook. Occasionally I am required to read for the less literate members of the household, or copy texts that my lady wishes to preserve.